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International Conference - "Monitoring and Surveillance Systems in Public Health" and the Annual Meeting of IANPHI

On 24-25 April 2014 in Tirana was held the International Conference of Public Health. The main topics addressed at the conference related to surveillance systems and health monitoring - a topic which is obviously a priority and important for the Albanian health system. 

SECID as an administrative partner for Institute of Public Health and considering the importance of the conference has contributed in financial support of this event.

The main issues that were discussed at the conference are briefly summarized below:

  • Strengthening existing surveillance systems and health monitoring in our country is inextricably linked to the need of remodelling and thorough restructuring in function and in accordance with current challenges and problems of the health system, as well as the inevitable processes of technological development in our country - in accordance with and subject to close with comprehensive reforms outlined in the program of the Albanian Government.
  • On this ground, the Public Health Institute is being redesigned its role into a key institution which will serve as a generator of scientific evidence, facts and scientific information which will enable the Ministry of Health to design, implement and monitor strategies , and rational policies and programs based on evidence - as a fundamental prerequisite for the gradual and steady improvement of the health status of the population and to increase the effectiveness and performance of the health system in our country.
  •  The final product of all activities related to surveillance systems and health monitoring should materialize in the design of scientific reports in real time to inform on the health of the population and serve as evidence necessary for immediate and effective interventions to control and prevent morbidity in the community. However, intervention programs and activities should be undertaken based on the current situation and the existing capacity of the health system.

This conference was organized together with the annual meeting of IANPHI (International Association Institutes of Public Health), meeting which this year had the privilege to could sustain in Tirana thanks to our persistence and common sense to our excellent international partners. From this perspective, the conference had the honour and privilege of the presence of many indisputable authorities, experts and professionals superb international directors who are also public health institutes in many countries of the European Union in which Albania aspires to accede. Therefore, practices and experiences of Western European colleagues are of paramount importance and the two days of the meeting was financed many of the presentations and proceedings of international professionals who represent and cover a very wide spectrum of expertise, especially regarding information systems overall health and surveillance systems and health monitoring in particular.

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