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Workshop “SARI Surveillance in the Republic of Srpska, BiH”

On the 15th of May  2014 at the Public Health Institute of the Republic of Srpska, BiH in Banja Luka was organized the workshop on SARI Surveillance.

3-5 participants from all 10 hospitals of the Republic of Srpska, BiH, have been invited in the workshop. Due to the enormous floods (they started the day before the workshop) many participants couldn’t attend the workshop. Several participants were late for the same reason (smaller audience in the pictures).

After the welcome speech of the Director of PHI RS, 4 lecturers presented the following presentations:

  • Influenza surveillance, the role of WHO and ECDC
  • SARI case definition and WHO recommendations
  • Influenza epidemiological situation in the Republic of Srpska and Europe
  • SARI reporting and future sentinel surveillance
  • Sampling and transport
  • Vaccination of health professionals against influenza
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

The workshop was officially recognized by Chamber of Medical Doctors of the Republic of Srpska and they provided certificates to all participants.

Most questions were raised during the presentations concerning adherence to SARI case definitions and the future sentinel surveillance, which have been straighten out by the lecturers. The microbiologist gave thorough explanation about sampling and transport and why it is such an important process. Clinicians emphasized that they lack important equipment for treating SARI cases.

At the end of the workshop it has been concluded that it is necessary to:

  • strengthen capacity building in the hospitals concerning a human resources, epidemiologists and equipment for treating SARI cases
  • improve surveillance of SARI cases within the hospitals and emphasize the importance of the timely reporting
  • train staff as much as possible on how to detect SARI case and to whom to report within the institution
  • strengthen adherence to case definition

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