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National workshop in Romania with epidemiologists involved in ARI, ILI and SARI surveillance, 30 May 2014

The National Institute of Public Health (INSP), Romania - The National Centre for Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Control, in collaboration with INCDMI Cantacuzino, organized a national workshop for medical epidemiologists involved in ARI, ILI and SARI surveillance, on 30 May 2014.

The theme of the workshop was “Results of ARI, ILI and SARI Surveillance in the season 2013-2014”.

The agenda was as following:

  • “ARI and ILI Surveillance in Romania, season 2013-2014” – Dr.Adriana Pistol and Dr.Rodica Popescu-INSP
  • “Results of Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI) Surveillance in Romania” – Dr.Odette Popovici-INSP
  • “Molecular diagnosis for influenza and other viral etiologies”-Dr.Emilia Lupulescu-INCDMI Cantacuzino
  • “EuroMOMO - European Monitoring of Mortality Excess for Public Health Actions”- Dr. Laurentiu Zolotusca-MoH
  • “Major Public Health Alerts”-Dr.Florin Popovici-INSP

The presenters represent the team designated for project implementation.

This national workshop also represented a good opportunity to rise awareness about the PHEIC represented by the wild poliovirus’ circulation, so an extra-presentation was provided:

  • “The wild poliovirus’ circulation in the actual international context –Public Health Event of International Concern”- Dr.Viorica Gheorghiu - INSP

The audience of the workshop was represented by county epidemiologists, hospital epidemiologists (SARI sentinel hospitals) and epidemiologists in INSP (including regional centers). The total number of participants was 76.

The workshop has been credited by the National College of Physicians with 5 credits of Continuing Medical Education.The discussions with the colleagues in the audience were very interesting and fruitful.The Romanian team would like to thank to SECID’s team for invitation in this project and for offering the opportunity to continue this good tradition of national workshops, started in 2009. 

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