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Study visit on Influenza Surveillance in Slovenia

14-15 May 2014

A Study visit to Slovenia has been organized from 14th to 15th of May 2014 by the Kosovo* team of Influenza Project.

The aim of the study visit was to learn from organization and implementation of Influenza Surveillance in Slovenia. The Kosovo team met experts from Institute of Public Health – Ljubjana and from Slovenia NIC.

The visit will help Kosovo* team on further work on influenza; during the visit they learned about:

  • Organization and implementation of ILI/ARI  and SARI surveillance in Slovenia.
  • Role of sentinel doctors, health  facilities and hospitals and their collaboration with public health structures within the framework of Influenza Surveillance in Slovenia .
  • Role of laboratory and collaboration of the lab with epidemiological structures and sentinel doctors .
  • Laboratory techniques used for Influenza or other respiratory viruses diagnosis and surveillance and the operational aspects related to sample collection and transportation from the patient to the lab and biosafety.
  • Coordination of Influenza surveillance and the role of different structures during the implementation process and about communication and feed back of Influenza data among different partners.

Through the meeting and discussing with Slovenia Influenza experts, Kosovo* Influenza team learned also about all that it’s need to establish the sentinel centers in the country; especially, about details and some practical issues that will help to better organize sentinel surveillance system. The surveillance system in Kosovo has been introduced as well and it has been and the discussed about possibilities for cooperation in the future

The results and all relevant topics learned in the study visit in Ljubljana, have been discussed with  experts in NIPH for Kosovo.  This information has been also introduced  during the meeting with sentinel doctors, which was held few days after the study visit: after discussions for  all aspects of Influenza surveillance, the conclusion was that the implementation of sentinel surveillance for ILI,  ARI and SARI would be possible without important difficulties in Kosovo*.

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